Safekeep and Manage Documents

Secure cloud storage

All created and uploaded documents can be found at the dashboard and are safely stored in cloud. Dashboard can also be accessed without any paid subscription and after the expiry of a subscription as freeuser (link prices).


Add reminders

You can add unlimited amount of reminders to the documents at the document page so that no important deadline is missed.



You can store the documents you created, uploaded or that were shared with you conveniently in one place and create various folders. The folders along with the documents they contain can be shared to the users by selecting the folder view and clicking on the three-dot menu on the folder.

Download document register

You can conveniently download with a single click the document registry from the dashboard, providing quick overview of all your documents, their parties, important dates and added reminders.


Avokaado security has been tested by professionals and your data is stored in cloud service with regular automatic backups. Avokaado environment is secure and confidential. Our team and other users cannot access your documents. Your documents can be accessed by you only and by the persons you chose by sharing them access.


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