Negotiations and Signing

Share access

You no longer have to send the document with e-mail, instead you can share access with a link right here at the document page by clicking “Share access”. Enter the receiver’s name and e-mail address and choose which rights he/she will have – will the receiver have only the right to view the document or can the receiver also edit the document and see private discussion (the discussion that is hidden from the opposite party). Thereafter click “Share”. Documents can be shared both to the users of Avokaado and to persons that are not users yet, by simply entering the e-mail address of the person.


Comment and negotiate

Each document has two options for discussions – private and general discussions. Private discussion is only visible to such members that have been granted the respective right while sharing the document. General discussion is visible to everyone whom the document has been shared with. So the private discussion can be used for comments inside the team and general discussion for negotiations with the opposite party. All comments remain with the document and can be easily found later.


Invite to sign

When the document is finished you can inform the members that the document is ready for signing. To do that click “Add signer” and mark the members you wish to invite for signing. Only the persons with whom the document has been shared with can be invited to sign.



The completed document can be conveniently signed in Avokaado. In order to do that click “Sign” at the document page and choose the method for signing – either Mobile-ID or ID-card and follow the instructions on screen. In case of signing with ID-card it may be necessary to initially install a Signwise pug-in. Please keep in mind that after signing no changes can be made in the document.



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