Drafting and Amending the Documents

Choose document

In order to create a new document log into your account and choose “Create Document” on the dashboard. Choose a suitable document from the list and select language and country from the right upper side of the page.



Make sure the document is suitable for you

After choosing the document you will arrive at its landing page where you can review the description of the document and also answers to FAQ. If you are not sure is it the right document you can ask advice from helpdesk by clicking on the conversation icon at the bottom right of the page.



Answer questions

For drafting the document click “Get started” and answer the questions. The mandatory questions are marked with asterisk. Orange information buttons provide additional information when you move the cursor on these.



Finishing the document

When all mandatory questions have been answered, click “Finish” and you will arrive on the document page, where you can sign, share, comment and download the document. If you have no active subscriptions, you will have to pay for the document beforehand. If you do not wish to answer all mandatory questions right away, you can save the unfinished document, which can be shared and commented, but only finished documents can be signed and downloaded.


Amendment of the document

Both finished and unfinished documents can be amended at the document page by clicking “Edit” and thereafter you can change the answers and selections provided previously in the questionnaire. If the standard version of the document does not allow such additions or changes that you need, you can order additional service “Document review”. After signing the document cannot be amended.

Drafting new similar document

If you have already created a document in Avokaado and wish to draft a new one with similar content, then Business user can create a copy of the existing document instead of providing again the same information, and thereafter the copy can be edited, if necessary. Copy can be made both from signed and unsigned documents. If the contents of the document have been updated (e.g. due to changes in law etc.) the new document will be created with updated content and therefore additional questions might be asked.



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