Corporate Account

Add the data of the company

You can add the data of the company under the user settings. After the required information has been entered a corporate account is created under your account.


Add logo

Business user can add the logo of the company to the corporate account. After the logo has been uploaded it will be automatically added to all documents created in Avokaado. If you do not wish to add the logo to the documents, do not upload the logo under the user settings.


Add users

Business package subscriber can add members to corporate account. The members can create the same documents as the account owner (e.g. if the account owner has purchased Business package, then all added members can create all documents without any additional charge). The members do not gain automatically access to all documents of the corporate account – these can be shared to each member either as separate documents or as a folder.


Change accounts

In case more than one corporate account is tied to your account, you can move from one account to another without having to log out. Just select the desired account from the menu at the right upper corner and you can instantly start working at the dashboard of that account.



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