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Documents for family and home help you to arrange legal relations related to family, home and personal interests and include documents from home cleaning agreement to loan agreement. Our client support is always available to answer your questions about using Avokaado and if you need professional help with drafting or changing a document, our experienced lawyers are ready to assist.

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Document categories related to family and home

Marriage and cohabitation

Spouses can conclude a marital property contract either before or during marriage, but it can only be concluded in notarised format. However, the spouses or partners may find it necessary to regulate other proprietary relations in writing. Divorce can be effected by mutual agreement of the spouses at a vital statistics office with mutual written application or with court ruling based on the action of one spouse against the other. Divorce entails several regulations that might be best to formulate as written agreement.

Home services

In daily life there may arise the need to conclude agreements with various service providers. Although such agreements do not have to be in writing, it is always advisable to conclude the agreements in writing in order to avoid confusion. When the object of the agreement is provision of a service or performance of a work, such agreement may be contract for services or authorisation contract. The aim of a contract for services is the achievement of a certain result, i.e. completion of a work (e.g. sewing of clothes) while the aim of authorisation contract is performance of service (e.g. accounting service).

Employment relations

Employment relation is an agreement between two persons where one person is performing work for the other while being under his/her subordination and control and receiving payment for that. In the course of the employment relation the employee needs from time to time to create various applications (e.g. holiday application or application to cancel the employment agreement). For each document you can find further information about its creation and conditions at the information page of respective document.

School and education

In relation to school and educations there is occasionally need for submitting applications, for example for entering a child to school or kindergarten or for leaving from these. It must be kept in mind that in case of some schools and some occasions (e.g. taking academic leave from university) there are official templates which must be used, but often the application is to be submitted in free format and in such case the documents of Avokaado provide help.

Relations with the State

The communication with the State is usually formalised and takes place based on official applications and templates. However, there may arise a need to create documents which do not have any official template (e.g. application for being released from military service or an application for refund of state fee).

Financial matters

The largest amount of disputes usually arise from issues related to money, therefore it is advisable to conclude all agreements related to money on writing. Claims may arise from agreements, unlawful damage, unjustified enrichment, negotiorum gestio, a public promise to pay or from other grounds provided by law. Claims may be submitted extra-judicially, in expedited procedure in the matter of payment order (more information at, in action proceedings or bankruptcy proceedings.


Situations may occur In daily life where a person cannot or does not wish to fulfil an obligation ot perform an action personally and it is necessary to authorise someone else to perform on his/her behalf. In order to prove the existence of such authorisation to thiord parties it is necessary to have it in writing. It is important to keep in mind that in case of certain transactions (e.g. transactions related to real estate or succession proceeedings) the authorisation must be in notarised format.

Asset management

The owners of assets, primarly real estate may often find themselves in need of hiring someone to manage and maintain their assets. In relation to asset management it is usually necessary to cocnlude an agreemnt for provision of services, i.e. authorisation agreement. With authorisation agreement one person (the mandatary) undertakes to provide services to another person (the mandator) pursuant to an agreement (to perform the mandate) and the mandator undertakes to pay remuneration to the mandatary, if agreed so in the agreement.


Gratuitious contract is a unilateral agreement whereby one person undertakes to transfer an object belonging thereto to another person and allow the transfer of ownership to the other person or waive a patrimonial right in favour of the other person or enrich the other person in another manner. Gratuitious contract must be in notarised format in case the object of the agreement is an immovable property. Otherwise the gratuitious contract provided by Avokaado can be used.

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