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Document categories related to companies

Agreements for services

Agreements for services may include agreements for subscribing to or providing services in vastly various areas. These may include, for example, agreement for providing office cleaning services or IT solutions or agreement for performing some part of work by other company or individual.

There is usually no mandatory format for agreements for services, but it is always advisable to agree on the obligations of the parties in written format.

Corporate governance

In order to maintain the smooth operation of a company it is necessary to create various documents from time to time - for example, it is advisable to conclude written agreements with the governing body members which establish the agreements, rights and obligations between the company and governing body members, including fee, tasks, vacation etc. The various governing bodies of a company also have to create various resolutions and other documents related to the management and operation of the company.

Employment relations

Employment agreement is an agreement concluded between an employer and an employee under which the employee is obliged to perform work for the benefit of the employer while being subordinated to the management and control of the employer and the employer is obliged to pay to the employee remuneration for such work and ensures agreed work conditions for the employee. The Employment Contracts Act foresees a mandatory written format for the employment agreement. The law also prescribes mandatory written format for various documents related to the employment agreement.

Documents created in employment relations are not limited to employment agreement and its appendixes; often it could be necessary to regulate the use of the employer’s property or the organisation of business trips and occasional warnings may also occur.

Foundation and dissolution

The holder of Estonian ID card, residence permit or E-residency card can found companies at the company registration portal; this portal can also be used for submitting most of the documents required to be submitted to the commercial register during the company’s lifetime. Other persons must use the services of a notary in order to found a company or submit documents to commercial register.

While submitting the documents via the portal or notary the documents are partly drafted by the portal or the notary, but there are also lot of documents which must be created by the company itself.

Merger, division and transformation

It is possible to turn the structures of company groups more clear and transparent by way of mergers or divisions. Division or merger can also be used as an alternative or preparation to the usual sale of property. A private limited liability company can be turned into public limited company through transformation and vice versa.

The division and merger agreements must be in notarised format, therefore these must be concluded at the presence of a notary. However, there are other documents which must be created in the process of merger or division which can be found in the selection of Avokaado’s documents.

Construction and planning

Construction and planning is a complex and detailed area where an entrepreneur needs correct documentation of various processes. It is of utmost importance to conclude clear and correct agreements between the various parties, especially considering the frequent disputes and disagreements that occur in the area of construction.

Confidentiality agreements

From time to time there occur situations in the course of business operations where it is necessary to conclude confidentiality agreements whether to protect one’s interests, develop new projects or promote cooperation. Considering that the secrecy of company’s knowhow, databases or developed processes is often of utmost importance for maintaining the competitive and sustainable operation of the company, it is very important to conclude confidentiality agreements while involving new team members or cooperation partners.

Dispute resolution

Occasionally, in doing business there occur times when the various parties of transaction may not have a common understanding of details of circumstances, there may be opposing interests or a party just does not perform its obligations. In such situations it is always advisable to try to reach a solution by negotiations and the correct documentation of the cause and subsequent course of the dispute is very important.

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