Avokaado is a self service web portal, where you can create, share, negotiate, digitally sign and safekeep all your legal documents. 

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The document database of Avokaado contains a large selection of legal documents essential to both private persons and enterprises. The contents of the documents are updated in compliance with changes in legislation and the selection of the documents is constantly improved.

Answer questions

We will ask you to provide answers to a few questions and make choices in the web-based questionnaire. Each question and choice is accompanied with instructions and explanations, which make the completing of the questionnaire and the drafting of documents easy and self-explanatory.

Share, comment, change and set reminders

After the questionnaire has been completed the document is instantly ready and is saved into your personal self service portal. You can share your document with persons of your choice, hold negotiations regarding the contents of the document and amend it.

Sign digitally and safekeep

When the document is ready for signing you can sign it yourself or together with other parties and download it or keep it safely in your personal self service portal, the use of which is always free of charge.

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