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What is Free plan?

Free plan allows the user to create an account and use the basic Avokaado features for free . If the Free plan user wants to draft a paid document then the user has an option either to pay one-time for the selected document or to start subscribing a paid plan and get an access to all Avokaado’s documents.

What does the pay-per-use mean?

This means to Free plan user that the user can buy one-time licence for any selected document for drafting, editing and downloading. NB! Once the document is signed the editing is not possible anymore. If you wish then to draft the same document again, then you have to make a new purchase.

What is Business package?

Business package allows the user additionally to free features to create unlimited number of times all Avokaado documents, add your company logo and add corporate account members.

What does the Enterprise package mean?

It means that the user can subscribe for starter package for automation of 3 corporate documents. Additionally, the enterprise user has the unlimited right to draft, edit and download all Avokaado documents and has an access to all Avokaado corporate account features – add members to the corporate account, share folders and documents, add reminders and company’s logo, comment and sign.

What is the automation of document?

Avokaado contract automation tool uses special system logic created through questions and answers flows, which enables the user to draft the document according to the answers instantly. Automated documents together with Avokaado corporate account features help to speed up and simplify the document signing procedures at least 70 % compared to using the old drafting and collaboration methods, for example drafting documents in Word or exchanging e-mails.

What happens if I terminate my paid package subscription?

After termination of the paid plan the user will continue as free user. In Free plan the documents cannot be changed anymore and in case the user wants to create a document, the user should buy the selected document again or subscribe to paid plan.

When can I receive my completed document?

After providing answers to all obligatory questions, the smart document builder creates your document instantly and it is available in your dashboard for start using.

Who will have access to my documents?

Your documents can only be accessed by the users with whom you have shared them. Avokaado team member cannot see any documents before you have shared the document.

Can I add more than one user to an account?

Business plan user can add members to its corporate account. The added member do not get automatically access to all documents in the corporate account. The corporate account holder can choose which folders and documents each member will have an access.

What is a corporate account?

Corporate account is automatically created after adding company’s data to your account. If the corporate account user is not a paid user then the account is used under Free plan. Paid plan users have a right to add members and logo to the corporate account. All corporate account members have the right to draft paid Avokaado documents, but the members do not get automatically access to all corporate account documents. It is possible to share access separately by document or by folder.

Can I add more than one company to my account?

You can add different companies under one user, but billing is linked to each corporate account. This means that if you purchase a document or a paid plan under one of your corporate accounts, then you can use the document or paid plan only under this account. One person could be a member in multiple accounts.

How can I contact client support?

Asking a question from a client support is very easy and fast. In order to do that click on the conversation icon at the bottom right of the page. We will answer you as soon as possible in the same conversation window. If you do not have the time to wait for the answer you can ask in that same window for the answer to be sent to your e-mail address.

What rights will the persons have whom I have granted access?

When sharing access, the person can choose which rights the other person receives – does he / she have the right to view document, can he / she edit the document or can he / she see private discussion. Private discussion is a secret discussion of one party and it can be seen only by the people with the special right. If the person is not entitled to see the private discussion, he / she can communicate with the other members in discussion which can be seen by all the members. Under each discussion section you can see which member follows which discussion.

Can I cancel the paid plan at any time?

Yes, this can be done at the self-service under the settings. After the termination, the paid plan will be valid until the end of the paid period and the subscription will not be renewed automatically.

Does Avokaado provide legal advice?

Avokaado is a SaaS portal and does not provide legal advice. The legal content at the portal does not constitute provision of legal services. Avokaado does not verify the accuracy or completeness of the information entered or otherwise provided by the User; does not perform legal analyses or assessments and does not provide legal recommendations based on the actual circumstances of the User. In order to receive legal advice the User should approach qualified lawyer or attorney. You can send the request for lawyer or attorney also to our e-mail:

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