Contract automation platform engineered for lawyers

Document automation should be simple.
You as a legal professional can now create, manage & automate all your contracts in one powerful, easy-to-use platform.

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Clients want to pay you for advice, knowledge, and ability to deliver results. Why spend time on manual contract drafting?

Now, you can automate this and so much more...

Productivity killers
Traditional Way
Entering the same information several times
Searching for the correct clauses and wording
Reinventing or re-structuring client documents
Up to 78% more efficient

Automation done intelligently

Craft your legal content and capture important knowledge in context. This enables meaningful collaboration. Now you can put together documents as easily as stacking building blocks.

Average lawyer collects 2.3 hours of billable time per day – what happens to the remaining 6 hours?


Engage clients with CLIENT PORTAL

Today, customers expect more for less and faster. Now you can cater to this need and deliver at scale through a digital services portal. With key contract workflows built-in, your clients benefit from innovative client-firm relationship every time they make a deal.

Law firms and businesses who alreadyavokaado

  • We tested several technologies and solutions, and knowingly chose Avokaado, because here we see much greater potential than just automating and drafting standard documents. We like it because our lawyers like how easily they can start using the solution.
    Kaupo Lepasepp Sorainen Law Firm

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