The Enterprise solution is designed for in-house counsel or commercial teams at companies who want to speed up deal execution and manage compliance risks. As your business grows larger and at enterprise scale, you have multiple product lines, deal structures, and variability due either to regulations or commercial negotiations. We understand for such businesses one size doesn’t fit all. This is why we built the Enterprise package.

On our Enterprise plan you tailor our powerful contract automation and drafting toolkit to your business needs. Deliver a professionally designed, legally consistent contract for execution to your clients faster. We enable you to craft contracts smarter and bridge the gap between Commercial and Legal teams.

Importantly, your counterparties can now interact, negotiate and sign with Digital ID or DocuSign, all within the platform branded your way. We support API integrations, advanced permissions, and ways to deliver your legal contracts as part of any digital customer acquisition channel. Discover how Avokaado can power your legal flows, contact us here.