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Mariana saw lawyers struggle because they have an outdated toolkit and no structured, shared database of knowledge to leverage. Getting a draft from 0 to 1 took too much effort. Often lawyers did not even know that a colleague had already worked on a similar case or document. In addition – and most experienced lawyers will relate to this – clients are never happy and see lawyers’ work as ineffective.
In 2016, Mariana launched the Avokaado DIY platform as her side-project. As Avokaado had a truly innovative approach, very soon Mariana together with our team succeeded in a mission – designing a product that non-lawyers could use to effectively solve problems themselves. We cut contract drafting time from days (with a lawyer) down to 5-10 minutes (with contract automation).
In 2018, we opened up the Avokaado automation platform for law firms and launched this product with our first client, the law firm Sorainen. Today our mission is to transform law firms because we believe they have the great potential to embrace tech – they have the advantage of having the biggest knowledge how to serve clients and when having the right tool that can leverage their knowledge and make clients happier.

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